Get to know the Greater Madison Region here! Explore a map, view our interactive baseline assessment data (or download the full report), and learn about where our current plans envision us in a generation’s time.

Map of the Region

We are one region, tied together by economic activity, natural resources, and landscapes. The land use decisions we make today affect the whole region. Click on the map below to see how the region is connected.

AGMV region

Regional Baseline Trends

To plan where the region goes from here requires a solid understanding of where we’re at now and how we got here. To build this understanding, the Regional Baseline Assessment explores key questions: How many people? Who will live here? How many homes will they require? Where will these homes be located? Where will they work? How will they get around? Will everyone have equal access to opportunity?

Check out the Baseline Assessment page to see some interactive graphics that explore each question. Click here to explore the full report!

Planned Future Land Uses

Individual communities have identified areas not currently developed that they would like to see developed. The future land use maps in their comprehensive plans show where they expect to see different types of new development over the next 20 years.

This interactive map shows generalized areas where communities desire specific categories of development. The boundaries are not precise.