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Play the “iPlan Greater Madison” game

Decide where 150,000 future residents should live, work, and play using an interactive map. See the impacts of your choices on housing, jobs, farmland, and environment. Get feedback from different “stakeholder” groups who express support or displeasure with choices made.

This screenshot of the “iPlan” game shows the map parcels and indicators during gameplay.

Learn more about the iPlan game here!

We are looking for organizations, groups, and public bodies who are interested in hosting a workshop. Contact Matt Covert at to arrange an iPlan activity today!

Explore “Driving Forces – Possible Futures.”

An engaging activity to explore future possibilities. Explore driving forces and identify possible futures that we need to prepare and plan for. A Greater Madison Vision is offering a 60- to 90-minute facilitated workshop on exploring the region-wide impacts and consequences of these big trends and issues.

A Greater Madison Vision will use the information from these activities to build future scenarios for later public voting and comment.

Contact Matt Covert at to arrange a Driving Forces activity today! Read more about Driving Forces on our website.