Apartment, Mixed-Use Development Taking Off

Single-family residential has historically been the dominant mode of living in the greater Madison Region. However, construction trends reflect a notable shift towards multi-family housing. From 1990 to the Great Recession, the number of issued building permits for single- and for multi-family residences were about equal. Since 2010, however, permits for multifamily housing have significantly increased. As of 2016, this shift is still occurring.

In the past year alone, multi-family and mixed-use residences are rapidly expanding in and around Madison. Below are an assortment of development projects in various stages throughout the Greater Madison region ranging from mixed-income workforce housing in Middleton to riverfront multi-family residential projects in Monona.

Municipality Project Description Status
City of Stoughton Kettle Park West Planned mixed-use neighborhood on Stoughton’s west side Construction Phase
City of Fitchburg Quarry Vista Planned development project redeveloping Hammersley Quarry into mixed residential neighborhood In Progress
City of Fitchburg Fahey Fields Proposed single and multifamily residential In Progress
City of Verona 416 E Verona Avenue Proposed mixed-use development along Verona Road Approved
City of Verona VeloCity Approved mixed-use building project along Paoli Road (29 units) Approved
City of Verona West End Approved 37-unit mixed use development in west Verona Approved
City of Middleton Bishop’s Bay Multi-family and mixed use development types as part of larger community planning initiative in north Middleton In Progress
City of Middleton Stagecoats Apartments 96-units of mixed-income workforce and market rate housing near Pheasant Branch Conservancy (19 affordable units) In Approval Process
City of Middleton Tribeca Village Assortment of Luxury Apartments along Middleton’s north side Construction Phase
City of Sun Prairie FC Land LLC Proposed multi-family residences Planning Stage
City of Sun Prairie Continental Properties Proposed 228-unit apartment complex, built in 12 buildings Precise Implementation Plan Approved
Village of Oregon Jefferson Crossing Downtown apartment complex, slated for completion in July 2018 Under Construction
Village of Cottage Grove Drumlin Residences 62-68 units of independent living senior housing Approved
City of Monona Yahara Commons Yahara River redevelopment project incorporating commercial and multi-family residential City executive property acquisition
Village of McFarland SA Living LLC 16-unit rental development at Sigglekow and Marsh Roads Approved by Plan Commission
Village of Mount Horeb Jacob Klein Senior Housing Planned 40 unit, three-story senior housing Planning Stage
Village of DeForest Park Place Apartments 200-unit luxury apartment complex north of Token Creek Park Under Construction
City of Madison 1603 Monroe Street Mixed-use buidling with commercial and 44 apartments near Camp Randall Approved
City of Madison 7933 Tree Lane Four story mixed use development with 45 affordable housing units Approved
City of Madison Woods Farm Development 11 4-unit dwellings and a multi-family development as part of larger east-side development Approved
City of Madison The Village at Autumn Lake 5 Apartment buildings containing over 200 rental units on Madison’s northeast Side Going through City Process
City of Madison 121 North Butler 52-unit downtown apartment building Going through City Process
City of Madison West Place Redevelopment Mixed-use spaces along Gammon Road Going through City Process
City of Madison 201-215 North Blount Proposed downtown 8-unit apartment building Going through City Process
City of Madison Judge Doyle Square Over 300 apartment units in JDS project downtown Going through City Process
City of Madison The KM2 Building Mixed-use downtown facility with 21 apartment units Going through City Process

Communities in the region are accounting for even more of this type of housing by 2040 in their comprehensive plans, as demonstrated in the animation below. It shows a time progression of multi-family and mixed-use development that existed in 1990 and 2010, and is planned out to 2040.

Growth of Multi-family and Mixed Use Development in the Region

If this trend continues across the next 30 years, it could have significant implications for people, communities and businesses across the greater Madison region. We can look to regional planning initiatives in the greater Philadelphia and Chicago regions. Both the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s Connections 2040 Plan for Greater Philadelphia and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning’s On to 2050 plan aptly identify shifts towards walkable, mixed-use, urban places as a potential future scenario their regions could face. A Greater Madison Vision took a close look at the Philadelphia and Chicago initiatives in June.