The Project

The Greater Madison Region is a special place. Quality of life, prosperity and natural beauty draws and keeps people here.

These same qualities also fuel strong growth. At our current pace, we will see approximately another 150,000 people in the region in the next 25 years – the equivalent of two Camp Randall Stadiums full of Badger fans.

Photo by Matt Schilder via Wikimedia Commons.

How we grow matters. How and where people, homes, businesses and roads are added matters to accessing good jobs, finding houses we can afford, getting where we need to go on time, holding down taxes spent on roads, preserving the rural countryside and farms, and clean water and the environment.

Getting growth right requires communities and organizations to work together. That is why leaders from business, government and non-profits across the region have launched A Greater Madison Vision.

Our mission is to develop a shared vision and plan to guide public and private decisions about how the region grows, to foster exceptional quality of life, economic opportunity and a healthy environment for all.



Phase 1: Where Are We?

Build the capacity for AGMV to succeed
Research best practices
Assess regional trends and current plans
Engage stakeholders and build public support



Phase 2: Where Do We Want to Go?

Engage the public and stakeholders on growth
and development priorities
Translate input into options and choices
Participants evaluate and choose among options



Phase 3: How Will We Get There?

Prepare action plan to implement vision
Build on collaborative relationships and improve
regional and sub-regional cooperation

Nothing from December 15, 2017 to January 15, 2018.